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Lake Scientific Study

In 2019, Beaver Lake partnered with the State University of Oneonta, which has a graduate Masters program in Lake Management, to evaluate our lake, gauge its health and make recommendations for any deficiencies found

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Shown above are the graduate students getting ready to sample our waters. The students and their professors made several trips to Beaver Lake to gather data, including: water quality parameters, nutrient analysis and aquatic fish and plants 

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Harvesting fish and plant samples

The bottom line conclusion is summarized below

  • No aquatic invasive species observed

  • A great variety of aquatic plants.  Some rare that only grow in healthy waters

  • Mostly forested watershed feeding clean water to the lake,

  • greatly contributing to a good water quality

  • Aging reservoir

    • Extensive shallow area

    • Isolated concern – Water lilies, Watershield 

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