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Bungalow Life

Welcome to Bungalow Circle, a remarkable community where life is an extraordinary journey! Here, children bask in the freedom to forge lasting friendships, engage in sports, explore nature, and create cherished memories. Our amenities, including basketball courts, baseball fields, nature trails, and multiple playgrounds, are conveniently situated near the camp house, providing the perfect backdrop for endless outdoor adventures from sunrise to sunset. Living in close proximity fosters deep, special connections among families, enhancing our tight-knit community spirit. In the Bungalow Circle, we cherish the bonds formed as we look out for each other's families and partake in a vibrant, dynamic social life. Our community thrives on spontaneous activities, lively late-night porch gatherings, and weekly communal feasts like potluck kiddushim and shalosh seudot. Bungalow Circle life promises a summer filled with richness, fun, and unforgettable moments for all!

For rental opportunities reach out to
Moishy 917-434-5999

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