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The list of enhancements and improvements continues!

Everything else title w beaver.jpg

Dozens and dozens of brand new Sefarim, donated by our residents, found a welcoming new home in our Beit Midrash, in brand new bookcases

Our Shul/Casino is being cooled (and heated) by new, state of the art split-unit air conditioners

Well, yes...this court has to be fixed.

Well, we didn't just fix it... we practically replaced it

Our fencing is being upgraded throughout the facility. Priority given to our children play areas. This fence had to go

Much better

Our main gate and entry road used to look like this

Now it looks like this with the additional benefit of a straighter and wider road

One more gate upgrade... this is the old pool entrance

This gate and all other pool gates were upgraded. While we were at it, the sign for no food and drink was permanently removed as we now encourage both with the opening of our poolside concession stand

WOW, for years our seasonal, bungalow renters endured shlepping their laundry to this facility. Really?

Ok, much better!!

The entrance to the Shul looks clean, trimmed and uncluttered

It looked like this before

What is going on here?

Yep, getting rid of the old pool and lower level Shul bathrooms

Looking much better!!

New bathroom entry from lower level shul

I guess we needed to rehab this thing

Nicely done

Also needed to upgrade our truck fleet. Is this hunk of junk salvageable?

Yes, it is

What in the world is that adoring ornament on our lawns? It has to go!

Yep, gone!

The pool utility shed was an eyesore on Pool Road

A little better

Beaver Lake has an extensive network of drains, put in place years ago, to control water flow. After so many years they deteriorated

New drains will function for a long, long, long time

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