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Beaver Lake Estates has an Eruv around the perimeter. The Eruv is checked weekly in season.


Hearty thanks to Moshe Rosenwasser for heading the Eruv Committee and ensuring the Eruv is checked weekly.


Below are images from establishing our annual 2017 Eruv officiation. Zevi Isseroff officiated as the Beaver Lake Eruv Chatzeiros was established for this year.   Saul Feder said the bracha “renewing” the eruv.  Tommy Zimmerman, Steve Schwartz and Alan Hirsch witnessed the brief ceremony, held on Sunday, May 28. All who use the Eruv at Beaver Lake should know that the Box of Matzah is located on the back wall of the Beis HaMedrash, and that you have a right to partake of that Matzah.  

The 2018 officiation:

Eruv 2018.JPG

The Eruv Chatzeiros are visible in the lower shul

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