Lake scientific study
In 2019 Beaver Lake partnered with the State University of Oneonta who has a graduate Masters program in Lake Management to evaluate our lake, gage its health and make recommendations for any deficiencies found.
Shown here are the graduate students getting ready to sample our waters.  The students and their professors made several trips to Beaver Lake to gather data.  Including; water quality parameters, nutrient analysis and aquatic fish and plants 

Harvesting fish and plant samples
The bottom line conclusion is summarized below
  • No aquatic invasive species observed
  • A great variety of aquatic plants.  Some rare that only grow in healthy waters
  • Mostly forested watershed feeding clean water to the lake, greatly contributing to a good water quality
  • Aging reservoir
    • Extensive shallow area
    • Isolated concern – Water lilies, Watershield 

Review a presentation of their findings by clicking on the image below
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