Nature's Wonderland
Set in heart of the Catskill Mountains, visitors and residents of Beaver Lake often encounter a surprisingly diverse amount of animals and birds.  Our 400 + acres are largely covered with forests with a varied terrain including very interesting rock formations.  As the checklist below demonstrates,  we have everything that one would expect a resort situated in a natural setting 
Walking around the lake you can see tell-tale signs of beavers. If you really get lucky you may actually see the beavers on shore chipping at the trees, in the water busily building their dams or swimming
Evidence of beavers at work
A beaver dam and domicile
And of course the actual beaver
Birds, turtles, deer, geese and more birds are ever present
Reachable by boat, the island on our lake is a bird habitat.  At the right season you will find nesting birds
Vivid seasonal colors abound
We just love our trees XOXOXO
Just a short hike from the lake is one of our geological marvels - The Cave Complex -  
Larger friend
While more often seen off-season, Saul Feder captured this fellow.  They tend to be shy, and are of course best left alone
Our winter wonderland
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