Life at Beaver Lake - Typical Week
 A typical week, a typical family in an atypical environment
As is with many of our residents there is at least one commuting spouse who kisses the family good bye on Sunday night or Monday morning and return Friday or perhaps Thursday night
Thus the best way to describe the Beaver Lake Experience is to go behind the scenes to show the commuting spouse what is going on in their absence.
It starts with the kids at our Day Camp...  
Warning: Disregard the smiles on the children faces. It is obviously an elaborate facade.   Inside they are screaming for you and miss you terribly...
You see below that the kids are put to WORK!   Beaver Lake camp sweat shops are notorious for driving the children to produce art work, sculptures and a variety of jewelry items all to bring home to clutter up the house and make the commuting spouse spend hours of valuable weekend time examining the children work....  Week after week after week after week!!!!
When not in the sweat shops the kids are made to lie down motionless!!!   THE HORROR
Need more evidence?
Now that the commuting spouse has seen a typical children day, it is time to show what the remaining spouse does all day long!!!
After the remaining spouses drop the kids off at "prison" they would then proceed back to house or bungalow where they would solemnly take their spot on the porch, rocking in their chairs while anxiously looking at the calendar and counting down the time to your return..  Fortunately for our bungalow spouses, they have a strong support group as they have straight line views of all the porches in the bungalow community. 
At this point you would think we are exaggerating...  well, really we are!!! 
This is what they really are doing:
  • Hanging by the pool
  • Taking a lake boat ride
  • Playing any variety of sports
  • Relaxing with a good book
  • Going for a walk or run
  • or are found with good friends at lunch...   Like the group in this picture 
Obviously what you may be doing while away is beyond the scope of the website :)
Evening time:
The Beaver Lake day does not come to an end by the afternoon..  The evening brings the time, usually after dinner, where the kids "spill" out into the sprawling grounds and in a boisterous manner run around, play ball, ride their bikes and scooters and for some to setup a for profit candy, drink or trinket booth.  These budding entrepreneurs will ambush all who pass by in the hope of closing of a sale. See below picture.  We are still investigating, but rumors are they are using their proceeds to barter with their counselors for less time in solitary confinement.  
But first our commuting spouse must make it back to Beaver Lake
Once the family is reunited, it all begins with Shabbos
Shabbos in Beaver Lake is a unique experience.   Being in a country wooded setting surrounded by friends and relatives in a community that is Shabbos observant makes Shabbos just a little bit more special. Our various Minyan start times offer a variety of opportunities to Daven at your time of choosing.  From Kabalat Shabbat through Havdalla, friends can be seen together at the various kiddushim,  shared meals and shared activities.  Our residents and guests take walks in the afternoon, they visit friends and engage in other leisure activities.  A long Beaver Lake tradition has been the Shabbos afternoon 5:00PM Adult volley ball game.  See you there!
Learn more about our Davening schedule:  Minyan
But we know that you expected all the above.  So as a public service the Beaver Lake website offers our viewers the following: 
  1. Friday pre-Shabbos - join the men’s “Mikvah” club for lake side nibbles and drinks
    • Note: strict admittance requirements including background check and extensive interview
  2. Friday night after dinner “Oneg” hosted by various families
  3. Shabbos day post Hashkamah Minyan (about 9:30 am) early lunch, late breakfast Bungalow side
    • Hosted by our current and past Bungalow families.  Others?  Bring a bottle and you are in!
  4. Main community catered event after Minyan (about 11:30 am).  Everyone comes out for a plethora of food and drinks
    • Members can enhance the Kiddish for special occasions
  5. Pre Shabbos meal either planned or impromptu pop-up get together at various people's homes for further socialization and of course another drink
  6. Finally lunch if you can handle it!!
    • In the unlikely event that you have not adequately prepared for your meal please feel free to crash any lunch party to make sure their drinks do not go to waste
    • Can’t find a place for lunch?  Head out to Moishy Rosenwassers’ house.  Trust us..  You will be expected
Learn more about our community Kiddish 
You can score your Kiddish success 
First and foremost parents of small children who are planning on a Saturday night escape will need to find a sitter.  Many of our residents older children will provide sitting services as well as counselors that may be available.  Follow this link to learn more:  Find a sitter
Our environment at Beaver Lake Estates is focused on keeping you entertained especially on a Saturday night.  Many of our residents and guests take advantage of our organized stage shows and pool parties. Our residents also may come together for a night at a lake side bonfire or in their backyard fire pits.  Some residents opt to go out to town for late dinners, see a movie or catch some world class entertainment at the Forestburgh Playhouse. 
Learn more:
Beaver Lake shows and pool parties: Entertainment    
Middeltown movie theater: Movies 
Eat out directory: Meat Dining and Dairy Dining
Forestburgh Playhouse:  Forestburgh Playhouse
Let's see what our families are up to on a typical Sunday
Hanging by the pools is a must!  
Family and Separate Swim schedule: Pool Hours
Lake is another popular destination.... Of Course!
Many families take the opportunity to get together for a family pictures.  Our lake is the perfect setting!
We are soliciting additional pictures for this family section of the web site.  If you would like any of your photos to be shared, please submit them for inclusion consideration.  Click below  
So ends our description of a typical week in Beaver Lake.  If you have any other "Life at Beaver Lake" moments or any enhancement ideas that you would like to suggest or share, please click  here