Our lake is as pristine and timeless as the mountains and is a source of great pride here at Beaver Lake.  We welcome you to experience a wide range of ways to enjoy the lake. Click here for the pool and lake hours.

Enjoy time on our beach. Make castles in the sand, or dig for treasure.
Kayaks allow for sleek, silent, and serene time on the lake.
 New kayaks have joined the fleet
Our Sand Box
Nothing beats the excitement of a large deep hole, or a sandcastle
Feeding the fish
We feed and replenish our lake, and welcome all to help.
Paddle boat
Paddle boats don't move very quickly, but perhaps that's the point.  
Go alone, or bring a friend.
Yes we really really have Beavers in the lake.  Look out for them
Take in the view from the path along the Lake...
Enjoying time boating with the kids....
Or just fishing off the dock...
Hauling in the catch of the day...
The catch for dinner...
Note:  any catfish fished from the lake are not kosher, and should not be thrown back in the lake, as they eat the kosher fish, a bunch of mamzerim is what they are.