Planning for your camp experience
Note: the 2022 season camp planning information is not yet available.  For reference click on the link below for the 2021 information
Dear Beaver Lake Camp families,
Today I reached up and dusted off my hardy Naot Sandals to enjoy the spring weather. Guess what comes after spring?
…. You guessed it…. SUMMER!
Summer 2021 just might be the best summer ever!!!  After a very challenging year for so many of us, Beaver Lake offers us a shimmering glimmer of tranquility and happiness. Let’s all keep praying for an end to the pandemic ushered out by a great Beaver Lake Summer.
Camp preparations are in their final stages with two plans depending on our Covid restrictions and guidelines. As for now, the Board & Parent Committee have decided that no off ground activities will take place, to insure a safe & full length summer. I am keeping up to date with the latest NY Camp Covid regulations to ensure we are following the safety protocols and balancing fun with health requirements. We will know by early June what our Covid protocol may be.
I am happy to report that 60 percent of our staff this summer hails from Beaver Lake homeowners & renters. It’s great to watch the kids move up the ranks and learn about responsibility and leadership. I look forward to watching the campers benefiting from their older siblings’ talents and skills.
Camper Orientation 4:00-5:00pm Sunday, June 27th
1st Day of Camp Monday, June 28th
1st Session ends Thursday, July 22nd
2nd Session begins Friday, July 23rd
2nd Session ends @ 12pm Wednesday August 18th
Please fill out all Medical & Emergency paperwork by May 15th
And send to
Please Note: ALL campers will be placed AND WILL REMAIN in their appropriate & grade designated bunks WITHOUT EXCEPTION. We ask the parents to please encourage their children to be happy with their placement in order to facilitate their enjoyment.
*Please make sure your child’s allergies are known to the Camp Directors and if they carry an EPI pen
*Tips will be given out at the last week of the second session. Counselors no longer at camp, will get their tips mailed to them.
*Pizza lunch is on Tuesdays…. Second slices will cost $2.50…. Please fill out a Pizza Form by the start of Camp.
* Campers should bring up tennis rackets & baseball mitts (if they have) - TENNIS will be a camp activity this summer.
* Campers will need a pajamas, crazy hats, costume, superhero/princess outfit and jersey for theme days.
Campers - Daily needed items:
All items should come with the Camper’s name on it.
2 Bathing Suits
1 Towel
Healthy Lunch & Snacks - DO NOT send foods require heating - (Please remember that we try to be a peanut free environment)
1 Water Bottle
1 Suntan Lotion (if your child burns easily please make sure you include that on their medical file so we know to instruct the staff appropriately)
1 Mask (comfortable & breathable)
1 Hat
Looking forward to seeing you all!
Blair Gove
MSW, LCSW Camp Director