Our History
Beaver Lake was founded by a few entrepreneurial city dwellers who spent many summers with their families at bungalow colonies in the Catskill Mountains, and wanted to upgrade to a vacation community they could develop to meet their own needs.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the majority of Beaver Lake’s founders did speak a modicum of English, and some were even born in this country. Unlike other vacation communities developed in the Catskill Mountains, Beaver Lake’s founders brought in friends and acquaintances as full equity partners, rather than profit producing purchasers.

The young and energetic 40 year old founders have had the pleasure of sharing the last three decades of Beaver Lake’s continued growth; year round holidays and vacations; and innumerable new friendships, with their spouses, children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, and dozens upon dozens of new friends and acquaintances among owners, tenants, and numerous guests and visitors.

We began with a 330 acre haven, with two private lakes, and added an additional seventy-five acre parcel, with an additional private lake, in order to give us our own large private secluded area, in a safe, protected environment, while still close enough to the many communal benefits in the Monticello and Greater Sullivan County area.

We’ve successfully developed a community that meets the needs of our varied membership, where our children and grandchildren enjoy both separate and mixed swimming; every sporting activity imaginable; boating; fishing; day camp; dancing; entertainment; kiddushim; and limitless communal interaction with each other.
We are proud to have created this wonderful community, and we look forward to enjoying its benefits for decades more, as the next generation continues to lead Beaver Lake’s perpetually expanding and enhanced growth and development.